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Who the hick are the Redneck Hillbillies?

Grab a cold one and sitcher butt down while I tell y'all. We're a fun bunch of rednecks living in a small backwoods town with our critters. Being outdoorsy folks, you'll usually find us outside gettin' dirty. We are known as Bubba, the Missus, Chitlin and Kidlet... plus our two dogs Red and Blue and our batch of cattle with hillbilly names.
redneck hillbillies on youtube

What started out as a gag tractor video on YouTube kinda exploded into a channel full of wrenchin, ridin' and gardening type clips from our crazy redneck life.

funny redneck gifts in our Zazzle Store

Now we have a Store stuffed full of all sorts of neat things with confederate flags and funny sayings slapped on them. Cool tees and hoodies, hats, fridge magnets, and electronic doodads and thingamajiggies like portable speakers and awesome redneck phone cases.

redneck hillbillies facebook fan page

We're new to the whole social media scene but you're in luck, because we also have a Facebook Fan Page, where we post funny redneck photos and jokes along with a few hundred of our closest redneck friends.

redneck hillbillies on twitter

We tweet too! Occasionally we'll post a random redneck thought, announce a new product line from one of our stores or from other talented zazzlers, share a special coupon code or offer gift suggestion for our followers on our very own Twitter account

And.. before I forget, no introduction to the Redneck Hillbillies would be complete without mentioning

The Redneck Hillbillies BLOG

where the Missus shares tidbits inspired by a day in the life of a redneck.

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