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You may have noticed I haven’t been around here much lately. Sorry ’bout that. Truth be told, I ain’t much into the whole redneck thing lately. Ever since that whole confederate flag fiasco that made it basically the worst thing on earth to display that flag, even if intended as a symbol of redneck-ism rather than hate, I lost the desire to develop this any further. Even though I don’t personally associate that flag with slavery or any other distasteful or hateful attitude, many do. So over the last several months I’ve come to realize that I don’t really want to be associated with something that is. For a short time I wanted to just delete the youtube channel, and everything else like this blog and Zazzle store but c’mon that was a shit ton of time put into those things so I can’t hit that X just yet.

A large percentage of my rednecky gift items were immediately removed from my Zazzle store, google ads and whatnots were suddenly not okay and had to be removed, and keywords were disallowed everywhere.

That’s ok, I can just stop it all where it is right now and move on. My natural healing posts lately weren’t really rednecky anyways. Plus the whole going vegetarian thing doesn’t really jive with my videos of our home raised cattle and chickens anymore, does it? Two out of four of us still eat meat, so we still raise the animals. Even if I no longer want to even consider documenting the processing of them ever again.

I still drink beer. I still like to jump in the not so rednecky 4×4 and spend the day out in nature. I can still shoot and fish and do all those kinds of redneck things. I just can’t wave the flag when I’m doing it.


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I’ve already written about my love of hemp oil as a face cleanser, but what I haven’t told you is how much I adore shelled hemp seeds. I am one of those unfortunate people that suffers from excema and virtually all nuts and seeds are off limits. BUT I can eat coconut, which technically isn’t a nut, and I can eat HEMP seeds. I buy the Manitoba Harvest brand in a large orange bag at my local Costco and add a little bit to at least one of my daily smoothies. Nutiva is another brand that has an excellent product. I’ve tried the seeds and the oil from both companies and am equally pleased with each. For me the choice to use either is only a matter of convenience, or which product shows up first on a search.

I’ve been alternating my face washing between the hemp oil and the richer, heavier avocado oil lately, and with all the healthy smoothies I have been enjoying the last couple weeks fixing my body from the inside out, I am truly pleased with my skin. I went to work today without any cover up or foundation makeup today for the first time in many years. That’s AWE-mazing too.

Farmers and Tractors

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It’s a common thing around these parts to see a big ol’ tractor putt-putting along winding country roads with a few cars following behind. In a nearby town, bright yellow warning signs like this one are posted on common routes. Some of them even have nice reminders to RESPECT FARM VEHICLES, because for some sad reason there are people who don’t.

I made a few products with this man on a tractor sign graphic. Check ’em out.

Personalized farming tractor paper napkins. Add a name and a number for a birthday, or customize as desired to celebrate any occasion.

Fancy clothes for off the farm gatherings! Throw on a tie but bring a lil bit of the field with you!

For your sweet tea, perhaps? Note: The Redneck Hillbillies do not advocate drinking alcoholic beverages while operating farm machinery….but if a guy or gal was to want a beverage to sip on, this would be a pretty nice way to serve it up.

And who doesn’t love a hoodie? Fellas, this is one design that your girlfriends will love to borrow. Assuming they are country girls, and if they ain’t, well y’all best be finding another girlfriend.

Avocado Oil

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Update: I still love natural face care, fixing my problem skin without over drying like I have for years with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. I tried honey and that was cool but very messy and when it solidified it was too grainy and harsh on my skin. It required me to heat it on the stove first (so i didn’t destroy it by nuking it in the microwave,) which let’s face it was too much like work. Forget that nonsense.

The oil thing I can do though. I choose to use preferably organic, virgin, cold pressed, unrefined or at least naturally refined oils and the occasional use of beneficial essential oils such as teatree or lavender to help control hormonal outbreaks. Admittedly I still use chemical laden Neutrogena extra gentle daily cleanser with several multi syllable ingredients a few times per week that real natural granola crunchy hippies would cringe at, but I don’t use medicated acne treatments or cleansers that strip like nailpolish remover anymore. Baby steps.

I still love the idea of OCM, but found the daily hot steaming process to be way too much for my now 40 yr old face. It was also a bit of a hassle, for someone used to grabbing a disposable face wipe and being done in 15 seconds. I still use oil daily as a moisturizer but reduced cleansing with it to a few days per week and rarely steam.

I still love hemp oil. The slight green tint counteracts the redness from mild rosacea and pimples and it has a comodegenic rating of 0, which is important to people with sensitive and finicky skin like me. My skin would freak right out if I even considered coconut or EVOO. I buy small bottles of hemp that I keep refrigerated for maximum skin benefits. It is a very drying oil though, so I had found that I cannot use it alone everyday, and it doesn’t work as a moisturizer, so it’s no good for me through winter when my skin is especially dry and itchy.

Enter avocado oil. A smooth, soothing , oilier oil that feels nice. I like it.

Avocado oil is my new favourite. Costco carries Chosen Foods brand 100% pure cold pressed and naturally refined avocado oil. It’s not organic, but from what I have read, pesticides are less of a concern for avocados. In any case, that’s what I had handy and it works, so until I run out there is no need for a special trip to the health food store. Handy equals easy and easy is good.

This stuff is a pale yellow color and has a very faint odour that I hardly notice. Apparently other brands of the purest organic avocado oil is more green and slightly more smelly, although still far less so than hemp oil which is very grassy in colour and scent. It comes in a dark glass bottle to preserve all the nutrients and goodies. It soaks in quickly enough so I don’t go to bed all greasy, or clammy sticky like butters, or smelling like salad dressing.

It has a comodegenic rating of 2 according to Beneficial Botanicals. ¬†I’d prefer zero like the hemp but the moisturizing benefits made it worth the slight risk. So far so good.

It doesn’t have the right oleic linoleic breakdown recommended for acne prone skin, but again, so far so good. (for more info visit Minimalist Beauty)

I use avocado oil as a daily moisturizer. I only use a little bit and usually at night so it sinks in and I wake up with soft, dewy skin. If my skin feels a little tight through the day and I don’t have makeup on I might use a couple drops.

I slather it on my body after a shower and it helps the itchy flakey skin on my hands, arms and especially my legs. It’s not quite doing the job on my feet but they’re in pretty bad shape so maybe I just need more patience. I slather it in my damaged hair once or twice a week as a hair treatment. I’d probably bathe in it if I were a long soaking bath kind of person. It is that awesome. For winter. For me.

So yeah, a big thumbs up for avocado oil from this girl. This post is not very rednecky I guess, but I’ll have a beer or a shot of whiskey tonight to make up for it. ūüėČ

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog for a while. I have been busy trying to avoid a complete mental breakdown by focusing on ways to improve myself to celebrate my 40th year on this beautiful blue planet.

I hit that over the hill milestone on October 31st. Other than a sugar hangover from having absolutely no restraint with regards to Halloween candy, it feels no different than 39. 40 is the new 30 and thanks to some good aging gracefully genes, apparently I don’t look a day over 29. No photo of my wrinkle-less face to prove that though, I still hate all my selfies and rarely allow pics to be taken of me.

I lost FORTY pounds this past year by doing low carb, exercise and drinking lots of water instead of beer. I feel SO much better, physically and emotionally. Even heading into the wet, dark, dreary season I am less blah and depressed than I was last year fat and unhealthy. I no longer consider my drinking a borderline problem with alcoholism. That oughtta buy me some more time heart wise.¬†Here’s a progress pic, taken back in August at about 150lbs. I’ve since lost another ten pounds, sadly mostly from my butt which is now flat and my chest which thankfully is not. Yet.

Look ma! No hands! I don't usually allow photos to be taken of me but I kinda like this one.


I quit biting my nails! For good. I have nice long fabulous nails now and have already bought about a dozen polishes for them.


I got a cat. Initiate “Crazy Cat Lady” stage. She is a tiny little stray, that I found hiding in our hay shack. Semi-feral and from one the neighbour’s many barn cats that he won’t spay. We caught her after three days of attempts and brought her inside. Over the last 2 weeks she has gone from bitey , scratchy, hissy freak cat to quite the affectionate little house kitty. She still bites and scratches but now it is playful rather than trying to kill us. Unfortunately our dog is not impressed so she lives primarily in a bathroom and our rec room. She was finally given a name a couple days ago, thanks to an Instagram post by Ellen: MAEBY. Maybe she will stay, maybe she will go, maybe she is so ugly that she is cute. I dunno. MAEBY. I guess that’s inspired from Arrested Development and there are thousands of pets with the name, I don’t watch much TV so whatever.

I'm not a cat person but this little girl is growing on me. Stuck to me actually with sharp baby claws! I may post far too many photos of her over the next couple of weeks.

That’s all I have for y’all. I just bought a couple new domain names and am excited to start a new project. Which means I will have another project that I will be all obsessed about and work on gung ho about for six months and then leave hanging kinda like this one ;P

Bye Felicia.


Neat New Bottle Openers

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Zazzle has a few fairly new products that I’m really quite impressed with. Of course I had to slap some rednecky designs on some of them. This is my fave – a magnetic backed bottle opener. Perfect to stick on a Toolbox in the shop, or the fishing cabin’s beer fridge etc.

Fish and Hook Fishing Sign Button Bottle Opener Redneck Bluecollar Whitetrash Button Bottle Opener Grunge Redneck Rebel Flag Peeling Paint Style Button Bottle Opener

Dimensions: 2 1/4‚ÄĚ diameter.

Images printed on 100% recycled paper.

Print area covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar.

Sticks to most refrigerators.

Opens standard beer and soda cap bottles.

I’ve been biting my fingernails ever since I can remember. Two? Three? I was probably barely out of diapers when I started the nasty habit. I don’t even remember a time when I didn’t bite.

I don’t really know why I started, apparently it’s a form of self soothing. It’s also a sign of very low self esteem. Perhaps it was a learned habit? My mother bit her nails when my sister and I were babies and didn’t quit until I was probably five. She eventually grew fabulously long and beautiful nails but by then I was a chewer. My sister was a thumb sucker instead, a habit she managed to break early. She would have been teased terribly had she continued, but for some reason kids didn’t tease me for my ugly nails. If they did ever say nasty things about them, I didn’t hear it.

Sadly I continued nail biting all through school, and for another twenty years after that. Sometimes my fingers would hurt and even bleed, but I kept biting, worse and worse. Somewhere along the line I started sticking the bits of nail between my teeth, damaging them as well.

I had ugly, ravaged stump fingers for my wedding photos. I learned how to hide them for the most part, curling my nubs away out of sight. It always caused me so much embarrassment when anybody noticed them. What a filthy, dirty, disgusting habit! I know ALL the reasons why I shouldn’t, and I don’t understand WHY I still do it. It’s automatic, I bite on autopilot. Stressed, bored, mad, anxious… Driving, watching tv, scrolling on my smartphone, reading… I’ve been reading lately reasons for nail biting such as OCD or anxiety. I have not been diagnosed with either although I probably have a few of the signs. Then again, who doesn’t in this day and age?


Are you ready to see them!? Brace yourselves. Note that this photo is after 10 days of not biting.



I don’t blame people for gasping. I’ve never really done anything halfway and biting is (was) no exception. I am not kidding when I say extreme. This is ten long days of leaving them alone. 10 days of growth and healing time, and while other photos I have found on the Internet show nice enough looking nails by then, I still have a long way to go.
But I will get there.

I used a bit of a crutch to get through the start, some cheap, fake glue on nails from the pharmacy hastily applied the night before my daughter’s graduation. Those came off last night and some clear nail polish went on.

So, to get right to the point,

I will no longer bite my nails.

I quit smoking over 16 years ago by telling everyone I knew that I was going to be a non-smoker so that I would honour it. What better way to spread the word this time than broadcasting it all over the Internet?! ( I’ll just pretend people actually read this blog ūüėČ )

Are you a nail biter too? Join with me and we will kick this terrible habit together. If I can do it, biting for almost 40 long years, you can too.

I’ll update with photos as I
go. Tomorrow I am going to buy a bottle of hardener to use, either OPI nail envy or a Sally Hansen product, whichever I find first or is more affordable. After a month or so I will probably treat myself to a manicure. Stay tuned and cheer me on?! I could sure use some encouragement.


Still not biting! I have caught myself with my fingers in my mouth and my teeth under the nail edge a few times but I haven’t torn off any nail. I put Sally Hansen’s maximum growth polish on them every few days. They have little white edges now and will have for a while until my nail bed repairs itself. My cuticles are still thick and gnarly but a manicure will take care of that down the road when Im not so embarrassed to have someone look closely at my nails.


Y’all gotta see this!
Update Aug 17th. I did it, beat the habit finally and I have pretty nails.


I couldn’t wait any longer to give y’all an update about the new face washing routine my daughter and I are using!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing our skin improve daily!

I’ve changed it up a bit and probably complicated things far more than I need to but the initial results are very promising. For both of us, with very different skin issues.


My well.ca order arrived yesterday with my organic cold pressed raw hemp oil, along with a small vial of lavender essential oil so we both did the OCM last night. Her for the first time ever, and myself the first time with the new mix of oils. (15 % castor, 35% grapeseed, 50% Hemp oil, and about 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops or so of tea tree oil)


The hemp oil is quite green. I was expecting a lighter shade although I suppose it depends on the brand. It doesn’t smell like weed, which I was quite concerned about, since neither of us want to have everyone in this small town talking about a possible drug problem! It doesn’t really smell grassy, which is what I’ve read as a description, but rather quite nutty in our opinion. We are hoping the green tinge will help counteract the redness in our faces. The lavender is very strong smelling and overpowers the tea tree oil which I am happy about. Some people might like the smell of tea tree oil but I am definitely NOT one of them.

I applied a small amount using my fingertips and massaged gently for a few minutes, then steamed but just very briefly with almost hot water on a fresh new microfibre washcloth a few times, so I didn’t aggravate the mild rosacea on my middle aged cheeks. I followed that with a premixed rosewater and glycerin toner, and did not need a moisturizer afterward. She chose to use the toner I mixed for her of apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and tea tree oil instead for her teenager, oily, more acne prone skin.


WE are both ecstatic with the first day results. She has been washing her face once a day with raw honey and royal jelly which has been helping more than commercial products so far, but she says she feels like she has about three weeks of improvement overnight thanks to OCM and this magic concoction. Less redness, less puffiness, and her face feels great without any itching or irritation. The redness in my face, my chin breakouts and my nose/cheeks has also diminished. My face felt wonderful last night and this morning. It’s hard for me not to touch it constantly, which I know would be very bad but it feels SOOOOO smooth.

I am going to wash with honey and royal jelly in the mornings as a 10-15 minute mask treatment, and OCM in the evenings. She’s going to just wash with water in the morning and alternate between honey/royal jelly and OCM.




Milk is supposed to be good for your skin too, but I haven’t tried that.

I have, however, smeared honey and slathered oil all over my aging, acne prone face in an effort to find something that actually works without drying the bajeepers out of my poor skin.  I think I have finally discovered which direction to travel on my journey to the promised land of clear, healthy skin.

For many of you, using natural products, even putting FOOD on your FACE ¬†is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for many, many years in the more hippie, natural, crunchy, granola type corners of the internet. ¬†I am not one of those people. ¬†I don’t even visit those neighbourhoods. ¬†Although to be honest I have been moving toward a healthier choices, adding exercise, choosing to grow more of my own nourishing, organic food and relying less on processed foods. ¬†I’ve been conciously reducing alcohol intake and drinking more water or green tea instead. It’s a good start. No matter how many toxic chemicals or poisons I removed from my diet though, I continue soaking them up in my skin. I never “stick” with anything either which doesn’t help, and I live on a farm. So a few days of stripping and scrubbing followed by a few days of sleeping with dirt and gunk on my face was my “routine”.

Sorry to my poor skin, I should know better.

There are two of us going down this road together, with different skin types and problem issues. I am hopeful this will be the solution for us both.

Who am I?

I am almost 40. I am often asked for identification when purchasing lotto or alcohol, partly due to the very few light wrinkles around my eyes that are hidden by my glasses, but mostly due to my dreaded acne. It’s not severe, but it’s always there, usually on my chin. Red, inflamed skin, sometimes peeling and flaky from too much BP or SA to dry them out. I am very pale skinned and flush very easily, with the red cheeks and nose commonly experienced with mild rosacea. From pickle nose, pizza face and zit farmer of my youth, to tomato face today, I just wanted nice skin back then, and I still do, twenty five years of pimples later.

Who’s with me?

My daughter at age 18 suffers from moderate acne, bordering on severe at times,  with painful redness, pimples and bumps. She is also allergic to benzoyl peroxide so her choices of commercial cleansers are limited, but believe me even with a large chunk of products off limits, we  I have spent a small fortune on astringent acids, creams, lotions, wipes, scrubs, spot treatments, masks, vibrating cleaning pads, exfoliating scrubbies,  and antibiotics. We also blow through large amounts of foundation and concealer which is necessary every day because nothing really works. The next step would be a last resort Рbirth control or accutane.  Neither of those are going to be considered at this point.

Beauty comes at a price

I consider myself a bit of a redneck. A backwoods hick, comfortable in crocs or muck boots and not fancy whatsoever. ¬†I am a penny pincher, ¬†frugal to the point of being cheap. ¬†She is all about beauty and fashion and style, and having acne puts a serious damper on that.¬†I must admit I hesitated briefly when considering trying the natural route. 14$ for what? Wow, that jar is 18$ Plus 7$ for that, and 11$ for those…. tack on shipping and we’re talking some serious coin. ¬†I took a deep breath with credit card in hand and ¬†realized that I had rarely questioned the steep price tags on the commercial brands. It was ok to drop a hundred dollars on a prescription that would make her feel sick to her stomach, ¬†and I ¬†always expected the cleansing products to work if they came with a hefty price tag, so why would natural, organic products be treated differently?

Repeat after me: I am worth it.

As I typed those first few search strings into google, I stumbled upon old articles proclaiming the benefits and vitues of raw, organic, unprocessed virgin coconut oil. ¬†I bought a small jar of Nutiva from the supermarket and found all kinds of ways to use it. I cook stir fry and steamed veggies with it, brush my teeth with a remineralizing toothpaste recipe by and use it as a body moisturizer. It’s a little greasy and takes a while to soak in, but it smells good and has a faint taste of coconut which I like. ¬†I put some around my eyes for a few nights and a very light coating on my face after cleansing but soon discovered that coconut oil was not the best choice due to it’s comodogenic level. ¬†I broke out in many tiny little bumps all over my chin where I frequently have issues, but also on my cheeks where I never have trouble a few days later. Many people can use it without a problem, but I am not willing to take that chance with my daughter’s graduation just around the corner! Olive oil is another oil frequently mentioned with OCM (Oil cleansing method) that I am steering away from for similar reasons. ¬†The two large containers of raw organic cold pressed coconut oil that I purchased will be enjoyed in numerous ways, just not on our face

Pass the honey, Honey!


I was still a little bit hesitant to actually try cleaning my face with OIL of all things, so I continued looking for an alternative. Honey kept coming up as an option for cleansing that would work for both of us with our different skin types. ¬†I read about honey washing on the Crunchy Betty site, where she had organized a two week honey challenge¬† back in 2011. ¬†A great site, btw, if you’re interested in learning more about natural remedies and skin treatments. ¬†Anyhow, I recently bought an enormous 15kg bucket of raw honey from a local beekeeper for homemade muesli granola bars and to use instead of white sugar for tea/coffee so it was easy to try. With the two of us currently on a low carb diet at the moment and honey decidedly off the menu, our share goes on our faces instead of in our stomachs.

It’s sticky, but it smells great and tastes great when you get it on your lips. It just glides over slightly damp skin with my fingertips and feels so nice. I usually leave it on for about ten minutes while I’m brushing my teeth etc and then wash it off. Here is a link which describes the honey washing technique in better detail: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I found that my skin felt a little bit tight afterward with honey, even though many people claim to feel refreshed and moisturized. In my reading I have learned that stripping the face of natural oils will cause your skin to pump out extra oil to compensate so tight and dry is NOT what you want. ¬†After nearly four decades on the planet, many of them suffering with mild acne, ¬†HOW did I not know this? ¬†I did the honey face wash/mask treatment morning and night for several days before my daughter tried it. She tried it with poorer results at first, complaining of itchiness the first couple times. Perhaps she has a slight allergy to honey? She persevered and by the fourth cleansing said her skin felt fantastic and was starting to glow around her eyes. (image by public-domain-images.com)



I did a little bit more reading, (ok A LOT more reading) and made an apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and tea tree oil toner to use after cleaning.  One part ACV, two parts WH, and a few drops of tea tree oil.  Still tightening and drying of course since those are astringent, so I started looking for a non clogging oil to moisturize with afterward and AGAIN came across oil cleansing.


Like dissolves like, they said. Saved my skin! The reviews proclaimed.  I poured over hundreds of articles, personal testimonies, reviews of particular products or methods trying to narrow it all down. I read charts on comodogenic ratings, crossing off any oil that may have excellent healing benefits but too many people had found them troublesome. I am allergic to nuts so many more were crossed off.

Some helpful links for you to peruse if you’re still deciding which method or oils to choose:

Crunchy Betty: The nitty gritty on the oil cleansing method

Mommypotamus:  Helpful tutorial on the OCM, with before/after pictures and video demonstration

Crunchy Betty: Troubleshooting the Oil Cleansing Method (with new tips and information correcting the original post)

Beneficial Botanicals: Comodogenic ratings chart

Minimalist Beauty: Oils for Acne Prone Skin.  Interesting reading about the make up of oils, and their ratios of linoleic to  oleic acid which is a contributing factor to how well it may work for people with acne.


I decided on HEMP seed oil as a carrier and a small bottle of lavender essential oil, which were ordered and are currently en route. ¬†If these natural products didn’t work, I would have some fancy cooking oil and smelly stuff for my pillow at night. No big deal.¬†What to use in the meantime while I wait for the delivery? From the same list of zero rating oils I chose Grapeseed oil. ¬†(I actually wanted pumpkin seed oil but I live in a hopelessly small town and that just wasn’t available.) I could not find castor oil either which is touted as the cleansing and drying part of an oil cleansing mix so I have only tea tree oil and grapeseed ¬†oil at the moment. Sure, good enough, we’ll go with that! Patience is not one of my virtues.

I bravely tried the OCM. It was heavenly. A little bit time consuming but the hot steamy washcloth, the oil and gentle massage and the way my skin felt afterward was worth it. I’m not one to ever pamper myself so taking that ten or fifteen minutes to focus on myself was great in so many ways. Aaaaaahhhhhh. ¬† Cleansed with the grapeseed oil, steamed with a hot washcloth three or four times gently removing the oil, closed my pores with cool water afterward and used my acv/tea tree oil and witch hazel toner, then a few ¬†more drops of grapeseed oil sparingly over my face as a moisturizer.

My face feels heavenly in the morning. Soft and dewy, with no tight areas.


I’m going to wash with honey in the mornings, with toner and moisture oil and then do OCM in the evenings. I’m also going to buy a big stack of microfibre clothes for face cleansing because we have never been a neatly folded, freshly laundered, washcloth type of family. ¬†She has chosen to do a water only or honey wash in the morning, and honey wash at night using our fancy dancy new microfibre cloths. I might have to sneak a before picture of her to compare progress down the road. I’m expecting her results to demonstrate how powerful natural cleansing can be in the slow and gradual treatment of acne.

Wish us luck! I will report back in a couple weeks with the results!







AR-7 Survival Rifle Test

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We bought a used Armalite AR-7 Explorer rifle from a recent antique gun show. This is a breakdown style gun that comes apart in pieces and is stored handily inside the stock, supposedly waterproof and able to float making it ideal for backpackers.

The design concept is fantastic, but It’s performance was MEH. Other manufacturers improved on the design in later years which would make it more useful than novelty. In any case, it’s still a neat gun to have in the collection.

Here’s the quick video we put together demonstrating our first time out with it, using three different types of ammunition. It jammed with all but the most expensive of the ammo. I wouldn’t want to rely on it in a life or death situation.