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Hmmm It seems I haven’t been here lately updating my blog, other than by sending over my latest favorite product images. WHOOPS! Sorry about that!

I’ve been so busy these last couple of weeks now that school is back in session. Early mornings, late nights, running to and fro and back home again to drop someone off, pick someone up, grab a jug of milk… it is never ending! Every spare minute I’ve had, I’ve been Zazzling my butt off in preparation for the holiday season. I have picked my best photos from the last few days out with my camera and reworked them into postcards, mugs, posters, buttons. You name it. I’d have hundreds of photos that I could use if I just had the time to tweak them a little.

So anyways, I just wanted to pop in and letcha know I am still here, even when I’m not.
Even if I am trying to flog my stuff …it was never my intention to turn this blog into a  completely commercialized link farm.

Oh, and did I already mention….

 *** Buy my crap! ***


Redneck on, y’all.

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