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New Poo-eeys.

Posted: March 27, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

My grandpa was a neat old guy.He  had the oddest expressions that I remember just as well as the taste of the thrills gum he’d give us that tasted like soap, the beautiful music he made with his violin or saxophones, and the bags of hazelnuts he’d have hanging in nylon pantyhose in the basement […]


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By now everyone in the world has heard about Joe Biden’s latest blunder. I’m in Canada, and not all that interested in politics beyond election time when I have to mark my X and even I am hearing about this.  All I can do is shake my head at his “This is a big $#@& n […]

There’s a MOUSE in my bucket!

Posted: March 22, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

This morning when I went out to the hayshack to get the calves their grain I discovered a surprise! A scurrying rodent like surprise – and it’s not the first time either! EEEK! The stupid mice, or maybe they’re shrews, jump into the 5 gallon pail thinking they’ve hit the jackpot with the little bits […]


Posted: March 18, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

It’s time to start weaning the calves now so our trips out to the field with steaming buckets of sweet smelling milk are nearly over with. The bottom of the third bag of milk replacer is about a week or so away so we’ve cut the feedings back to half strength once a day in the evenings. […]

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Posted: March 15, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

Spring Forward! I’m suffering the after effects of very little sleep and a beer or three too many for an old girl like me this past weekend after a wonderful visit from family. Add to that the loss of that precious hour of REM thanks to some sadistic authority that came up with daylight savings […]

The Cat Came Back

Posted: March 10, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

I looked out the bedroom window this morning with my blurry, sleep-filled eyes and thought I recognized a new but already familiar shape on the neighbour’s field. Our little friend the bobcat was back! I ran to the kitchen to grab my camera and stood out on the rear balcony in the shorts and Tshirt I that […]

Calf Run

Posted: March 9, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

We put up a temporary stretch of electric fencing to create a small calf run for the spring calves. The four of them have been cramped up in the little calf pen for a while now, and it was time to let them stretch their legs a little bit. In their new space they can […]

Here Kitty Kitty

Posted: March 3, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the laundry room window the other morning and saw something out of the ordinary in the neighbour’s back field! I didn’t have my glasses on or my contact lenses in at the time, so while I couldn’t see it clearly, I did know it wasn’t the usual lone coyote and definately […]

Our Redneck Olympic Experience

Posted: March 2, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

We spent this past Saturday waaay out in the big city of Vancouver, B.C. to enjoy the last full day of the 2010 Winter Olympics… and what a day it was! We got off to a rough start with the miserable weather, being pulled over by the police for expired vehicle insurance (WHOOPS!) and having […]