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Redneck Business Cards

Posted: November 29, 2010 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK

It was time I got some for the Redneck Hillbillies empire. Well… our little empire of four people, two dogs and a couple places to park on the ‘net ;p Zazzle had a super Blitzen sale on over this past weekend where a different item was drastically reduced for two hours before switching over to […]

Movin’ on UP!

Posted: November 22, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

The Redneck Hillbillies lens page on squidoo that I told you about last week has jumped up a bit in the stats and is currently Ranked #250 in Humor, #20,972 overall. Of course, that really means little since the chances of people finding it are slim to none until it’s on the first page of […]

Rednecks on Squidoo!

Posted: November 18, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

The Redneck Hillbillies now have their very own “lens” or page on squidoo. What the heck is squidoo? That was my first reaction too, and I fought the squidoo bandwagon for a while before realizing that it is indeed a very powerful little workhorse that can be harnessed and ridden rather than standing along the […]

Redneck Iphones

Posted: November 17, 2010 by admin in Buy My CRAP

Woot! Now you can show your redneck pride with these super rebel confederate flag style skins for your iphone or ipad! There ain’t no better way to pretty it up, if you ask me! Check out a few of the other designs we’ve created so far.

Sale Today!

Posted: November 15, 2010 by admin in Buy My CRAP

Zazzle has an amazing 50% off sale today on all card type products. Greeting cards, invitations, postcards, photocards. If you’re in the USA, you also get free shipping! It’s today ONLY though so hurry over and enter the code Zazzlecard50 I’m going to be buying up some postcards, which make great small art cards for […]

MMmmm! This design won the Redneck Hillbillies a TBA (Today’s best award) yesterday, and what makes it even more special is that this particular color design combination was suggested by one of our facebook fans! Funny Pig Bringing Home the Bacon Dark Design by RedneckHillbilliesSee other Butcher T-Shirts This was my original design, with red/black […]

THE. We’re losing it!

Posted: November 12, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

THE redneck hillbillies recently aquired the domain “What’s the big deal?”, you ask. Well, honestly. What are the chances of you or anyone else looking for rednecks and hillbillies actually typing in THE REDNECK HILLBILLIES in the search box? We are *THE* (one and only, super dooper, original) RedneckHillbillies, but we figure we’ll really […]

Our New Redneck Look

Posted: November 10, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

Not only do we have a new home, we’re fixin’ er up a bit to look a little more rednecky! We couldn’t find any beer stained and beer bellied, scruffy faced, overall-wearing hayseed hillbilly or any mullet wearing rednecks in the wordpress theme options, so crumpled notepad paper and grungy concrete will have to suffice […]

Redneckin’ Again!

Posted: November 4, 2010 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK

Here are some recently created redneck flag products for you! Grab a few of these nifty rebel flag christmas ornaments. Show your tree some Redneck Love this year by choosing some confederate inspired designs instead of your usual trinklets. They’d also make great rearview mirror hangers for your redneck ride!

And then there were two.

Posted: November 2, 2010 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK

Hank the Holstein and Bessie the Black Angus were loaded onto the trailer yesterday afternoon, headed “Up North”. For those of you who don’t know where “Up North” is, I urge you to watch a cute family movie called Gordy, by Disney. No time for movies? Ok, well it’s the last stop if you happen […]