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I LOVE Duct Tape

Posted: October 27, 2011 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK, Buy My CRAP

Love is maybe too strong a word… I really, REALLY like it then. But who doesn’t, really? The stuff is amazing afterall. Right up there with sliced bread. Probably the next best thing, in fact. It’s Spirit Week at the kids’ school and yesterday was oddly enough “Duct Tape Day” so we got a roll […]

My Thoughts EXACTLY.

Posted: October 26, 2011 by admin in Buy My CRAP, Rants and Ramblings

Ever come across something so funny you snort laugh? Well I have. Usually it’s just a little choke, or a discreet guffaw, but it’s gotta be special to induce a snort. I think I found the perfect way to brighten each and every morning with a good shot of ultimate bitchiness. Little quips, insults, sarcasm […]

Resume Tips From a Redneck

Posted: October 23, 2011 by admin in Rants and Ramblings

Bubba is looking for some fresh meat (help) for a grunt work type job and the resumes are pouring in, which sadly says volumes about the current unemployment rate and economy in general. Here are some tips from a redneck perspective, after having sifted through hundreds of them that don’t make the cut. Take them […]

Nothing Can Stop the Honey Badger

Posted: October 21, 2011 by admin in Buy My CRAP

Seriously. Nothing. Why? Well, because Honey Badger Don’t Care. Honey Badger don’t give a shit. It just takes what it wants. (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit) EWwww. NASTY! The damn nasty ass Honey Badger is still around, quietly slinking into the furthest corners of the internet long after […]

Damn Spammers

Posted: October 13, 2011 by admin in Rants and Ramblings

Two or three people read this blog every day. One of them is Me, and the others are one or two spam losers who either post complete keyword stuffed jibberish or flatter me with vague praises just to drop a link to some site flogging whatever crap they are selling. Sometimes I’ll actually approve the […]

Crazy about COWS

Posted: October 12, 2011 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK

I didn’t ALWAYS love cows.  I used to be a pig person, actually….and I would NEVER have believed you if you had told me I would one day live on a hobby farm with a few mooheads. These days I am crazy about the stinky cows because they provide me with far more than the few hundred  […]

Don’t Judge Me, Beeyotch!

Posted: October 6, 2011 by admin in Rants and Ramblings

Love me, Love my crocs. Yes, I am one of THOSE people that actually go out and do my shopping at places like Walmart wearing something like Crocs.  Y’all should be happy about that, I could have worn the cowshit covered gumboots but during the warmer months they make my feet sweat and you REALLY don’t want […]

Redneckeratize it.

Posted: October 1, 2011 by admin in Buy My CRAP

I’m gearing up to get me one of them new fangdangled smart phones. (Lord knows I could use all the smarts I can get.) I’ve sat on the fence for so long trying to decide between an android, a blackberry or an iphone that my butt aches. The beautiful thing is that no matter which […]