22 seconds of fame

Posted: October 6, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

Most people want 15 minutes. That would be nice, of course – but I’ll settle for the 22 seconds it’ll take you to watch our latest short video. 22 seconds of … well it’s not exactly fame since only a handful of people have viewed it, and we have 130 subscribers so most of them passed on it.

It’s only 22 seconds, people! Go watch it! I mean seriously TWENTY TWO SECONDS. That’s less time than it’ll take you to exit this page and reload something better on most computers.

Call me crazy, but I laugh every time I see this.  Please go check it out, leave a comment and/or a thumbs up, and subscribe if there’s something in our collection of 47 videos that catches your fancy.

Thanks, Y’all!


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