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Update: I still love natural face care, fixing my problem skin without over drying like I have for years with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. I tried honey and that was cool but very messy and when it solidified it was too grainy and harsh on my skin. It required me to heat it on the stove first (so i didn’t destroy it by nuking it in the microwave,) which let’s face it was too much like work. Forget that nonsense.

The oil thing I can do though. I choose to use preferably organic, virgin, cold pressed, unrefined or at least naturally refined oils and the occasional use of beneficial essential oils such as teatree or lavender to help control hormonal outbreaks. Admittedly I still use chemical laden Neutrogena extra gentle daily cleanser with several multi syllable ingredients a few times per week that real natural granola crunchy hippies would cringe at, but I don’t use medicated acne treatments or cleansers that strip like nailpolish remover anymore. Baby steps.

I still love the idea of OCM, but found the daily hot steaming process to be way too much for my now 40 yr old face. It was also a bit of a hassle, for someone used to grabbing a disposable face wipe and being done in 15 seconds. I still use oil daily as a moisturizer but reduced cleansing with it to a few days per week and rarely steam.

I still love hemp oil. The slight green tint counteracts the redness from mild rosacea and pimples and it has a comodegenic rating of 0, which is important to people with sensitive and finicky skin like me. My skin would freak right out if I even considered coconut or EVOO. I buy small bottles of hemp that I keep refrigerated for maximum skin benefits. It is a very drying oil though, so I had found that I cannot use it alone everyday, and it doesn’t work as a moisturizer, so it’s no good for me through winter when my skin is especially dry and itchy.

Enter avocado oil. A smooth, soothing , oilier oil that feels nice. I like it.

Avocado oil is my new favourite. Costco carries Chosen Foods brand 100% pure cold pressed and naturally refined avocado oil. It’s not organic, but from what I have read, pesticides are less of a concern for avocados. In any case, that’s what I had handy and it works, so until I run out there is no need for a special trip to the health food store. Handy equals easy and easy is good.

This stuff is a pale yellow color and has a very faint odour that I hardly notice. Apparently other brands of the purest organic avocado oil is more green and slightly more smelly, although still far less so than hemp oil which is very grassy in colour and scent. It comes in a dark glass bottle to preserve all the nutrients and goodies. It soaks in quickly enough so I don’t go to bed all greasy, or clammy sticky like butters, or smelling like salad dressing.

It has a comodegenic rating of 2 according to Beneficial Botanicals.  I’d prefer zero like the hemp but the moisturizing benefits made it worth the slight risk. So far so good.

It doesn’t have the right oleic linoleic breakdown recommended for acne prone skin, but again, so far so good. (for more info visit Minimalist Beauty)

I use avocado oil as a daily moisturizer. I only use a little bit and usually at night so it sinks in and I wake up with soft, dewy skin. If my skin feels a little tight through the day and I don’t have makeup on I might use a couple drops.

I slather it on my body after a shower and it helps the itchy flakey skin on my hands, arms and especially my legs. It’s not quite doing the job on my feet but they’re in pretty bad shape so maybe I just need more patience. I slather it in my damaged hair once or twice a week as a hair treatment. I’d probably bathe in it if I were a long soaking bath kind of person. It is that awesome. For winter. For me.

So yeah, a big thumbs up for avocado oil from this girl. This post is not very rednecky I guess, but I’ll have a beer or a shot of whiskey tonight to make up for it. 😉

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