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Last minute shoppers. I am one of them.

In fact, other than the basics like a couple strings of lights and a tree I haven’t done anything yet for Christmas. Every year I say it’ll be different. I will be one of THOSE people who have everything done well before the deadline so I can relax the last week before all the dinners. Every year is the same old, and I’m shopping on Dec. 23rd, maybe even the 24th. I feel chest pains coming on already.

Dec. 1st I was all gung ho but now here we are more than half way through the month and I am just a big ol’ grinch. I did a tiny bit of shopping, for instance I bought a few fridge magnets(for myself) and created/ordered some holiday photo cards to send to family that haven’t arrived yet so they won’t be sent off in time. I also downed my first carton of eggnog with a healthy splash or two of rum. That’s important. I’ll have to cough up for some brandy beans and fruitcake at some point and make sure I have a roll of tape and some gift wrap. Can we just postpone this whole Christmas thing?

Now that the Chitlin and Kidlet are young ladies, the requested presents have gotten smaller in size and WAY larger in price. Lego, barbies, underwear and a stuffed animal just don’t cut it anymore. It’s all about electronics. Strike that, actually cash and gift cards work better since ma and pa don’t have a clue and they’d rather pick their own. So for someone who HATES shopping to begin with, the joy of selecting gifts has been replaced with pain in the general wallet region. It’ll hurt, when I finally expose it.

The beauty of the whole last minute shopping thing is that my stores are buzzing, and have been all month long. The referrals are pouring in too, with a smattering of mugs and T-shirts being bought up this morning. Today is MY black friday. Scoop up a few mugs and tees if you got the inkling.There’s still time for most items. Click Click is way less painful for me than swipe swipe.

Nothing Can Stop the Honey Badger Funny Mug mugAdd your own Redneck Saying mugSize Matters! Funny Fishing Design mug
Crazy about RVing! Eat.Sleep. RV! shirtNO Cow Tipping! shirtCustomized Homebrewing or U-brew Value Tee shirt

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