Chicken Babies!

Posted: March 2, 2013 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK

My little sweeties have arrived! All 11 of them.

Ok, so I started with 30 eggs altogether so my hatch rate is pretty darn pathetic… but the ones that did make it are *adorable*.

Of course, all parents think their babies are beautiful even when they aren’t, (btw some of y’all on FB have some really ugly kids…) ┬ábut these l’il fuzzybutts really ARE cute.



I got 7 Buffs, (yellow chicks) 1 ameracauna (yellow chick with fluffy cheeks) a stripey, a lighter yellow that will turn white, and a black one.
Happy Spring Cute Yellow Chicks Stamp Happy Easter with Three Yellow Baby Chicks Square Sticker

Yellow Baby Chick in Pretty Pink Basket Greeting Cards Pink Ruffle Baby Chick Photo Cards

This little girl is my fave. I’m hoping it’s a girl, anyhow. Probably because all the chicks are yellow except for this one and a darker one that doesn’t photograph well so it’s different. Different is good.

Cute Baby Chick in Easter Egg Post Cards

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