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Posted: October 28, 2010 by admin in Buy My CRAP

This is the latest rural country design at CountryCorner. It would have had a more authentic look if it were a young, frecklefaced, haychucking farmboy with the lovely farmer tan look but this model makes just about anything look GOOD.

Take a gander at this one… (the t-shirt, not the model, ladies!)

Barbwire photograph and Custom Text

 Keepin it Rural since (Custom Year) Barbwire Photo T Shirt from

A lovely sepia toned close up photograph of a barbwire strand barb, with a delicate spider web woven around the points. This amazing photograph was taken by our 14yr old daughter known ’round these parts as “Kidlet” on her little cannon point and shoot.

This same image with “Country Girl” was awarded a TBA (Today’s Best Award) last night. Apparently that two word combination is trademarked, since the products were removed within 2 hrs. My joy was short lived, although it may have lasted slightly longer if I had not happily tweeted about the award.

The comments and ratings and that purty red ribbon are sadly lost… so if y’all are so inclined you can go see the new version “Country GAL” ;p  or the keepin’ it rural designs and bump them up in the search results.

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