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Posted: April 4, 2014 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK
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I couldn’t wait any longer to give y’all an update about the new face washing routine my daughter and I are using!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing our skin improve daily!

I’ve changed it up a bit and probably complicated things far more than I need to but the initial results are very promising. For both of us, with very different skin issues.


My well.ca order arrived yesterday with my organic cold pressed raw hemp oil, along with a small vial of lavender essential oil so we both did the OCM last night. Her for the first time ever, and myself the first time with the new mix of oils. (15 % castor, 35% grapeseed, 50% Hemp oil, and about 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops or so of tea tree oil)


The hemp oil is quite green. I was expecting a lighter shade although I suppose it depends on the brand. It doesn’t smell like weed, which I was quite concerned about, since neither of us want to have everyone in this small town talking about a possible drug problem! It doesn’t really smell grassy, which is what I’ve read as a description, but rather quite nutty in our opinion. We are hoping the green tinge will help counteract the redness in our faces. The lavender is very strong smelling and overpowers the tea tree oil which I am happy about. Some people might like the smell of tea tree oil but I am definitely NOT one of them.

I applied a small amount using my fingertips and massaged gently for a few minutes, then steamed but just very briefly with almost hot water on a fresh new microfibre washcloth a few times, so I didn’t aggravate the mild rosacea on my middle aged cheeks. I followed that with a premixed rosewater and glycerin toner, and did not need a moisturizer afterward. She chose to use the toner I mixed for her of apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and tea tree oil instead for her teenager, oily, more acne prone skin.


WE are both ecstatic with the first day results. She has been washing her face once a day with raw honey and royal jelly which has been helping more than commercial products so far, but she says she feels like she has about three weeks of improvement overnight thanks to OCM and this magic concoction. Less redness, less puffiness, and her face feels great without any itching or irritation. The redness in my face, my chin breakouts and my nose/cheeks has also diminished. My face felt wonderful last night and this morning. It’s hard for me not to touch it constantly, which I know would be very bad but it feels SOOOOO smooth.

I am going to wash with honey and royal jelly in the mornings as a 10-15 minute mask treatment, and OCM in the evenings. She’s going to just wash with water in the morning and alternate between honey/royal jelly and OCM.




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