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Posted: April 6, 2013 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK

This post was inspired by a gardening thread where many talented green thumbs posted photos of beautifully designed, picture perfect gardens.

Mine is not one of those. Not even remotely.

It ain’t pretty, but every year it produces enough food to feed a family of four all summer long and fill our deep freezers up with home grown veggies. Each year is a little different when the previous year’s successes and failures change which crops I choose to plant. I loved growing potatoes but they are cheaper to buy and took up too much room. The broccoli and brussel sprouts ended up being ravaged by aphids and since I don’t spray with chemical poison they weren’t worth the battle.  I might move stuff around with the layout from year to year although the corn is always on one side to block out the messy neighbor. It’s mostly freezer friendly produce (sweet corn and green/yellow beans) with some zuchinni for bread, hot peppers, greens and cucumbers.

Here is a photo I dug up from facebook from last year.











By the end of summer it’s completely overgrown with weeds and looking pretty ragged, but the food is mighty tasty. We also raise two beef steers each year that are “processed” at about one year of age to avoid overwintering and give us delicious grass fed baby beef. This year we added chickens, which if you’ve read any of my other posts you already know is my latest obsession. We planted ten fruit trees last year (plum, pear and cherry) but they aren’t producing just yet. This year we hope to add a greenhouse so I can try to grow cherry tomatoes again since if we have a wet summer they do so poorly out in the garden.

I also made a few gardening type videos for youtube because like everything else I have to take everything WAY too far ;p Here are a couple of them if you are interested in a walk thru.













I do some canning (jam, hot pickled beans) some dehydrating (beef jerky, hot peppers) some baking (zuchinni or pumpkin bread!) and the rest is blanched and frozen in meal sized ziplocs.



















These were grown from a hybrid pumpkin that seeded itself in the garden. It produced 18 pumpkin/squash things. Some were  pumpkin like  others were more like spagetti squash or zuchinni. We were so impressed by the vigor of the vines that we loaded them all up onto the back porch and had to take a photo!  I have tried three more times to grow pumpkins and failed miserably so this photo is proof that it IS possible.

It’s still too cold, wet and miserable outside most days here so I haven’t yet begun this year’s garden. I have started an indoor garden though, for my chickens! This is soaked wheat berries. A big 50lb bag costs me about twelve dollars and produces pounds and pounds of wheatgrass and sprouted grain for my chickens. They LOVE it. I also sprout lentils and other hard beans for them to eat.





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