My Kid Done Gradded, Y’all

Posted: June 7, 2012 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK
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It was a flurry of activity around here over the weekend, and the last few days I’ve been trying to catch my breath. Our oldest girl, affectionately referred to on these pages as the Big Chitlin, graduated from highschool. I, of course, left everything to almost the last minute so my stress was approaching stroke level on the evening before and the morning of the official ceremonies. It all went fairly smoothly despite some last minute wardrobe malfunctions and dog hair removal issues. Thank god for champagne, lint rollers, grandma’s mad sewing skills, the other grandma’s gift of a gorgeous corsage, her sister being great with hair and makeup, my sister bringing numerous jackets and dresses for me to try on, and the little old lady who sold me spanks to hold it all together.

The ceremony part in the gymnasium was a little on the long and warm side, made longer by long and boring speeches, but we endured and celebrated afterward with snacks and cold ones around a campfire in the front yard. The banquet dinner and dance was in a fancy schmancy restaurant and we stayed almost until the last song. She really enjoyed herself, and it was definately a night for her to remember.

Of course, since I’m a complete and total Zazzle head, I made a couple graduation announcements with some of the photos I took. One of them I made with her real name and school details and I’ll be sending them off to distant family and out of town folks who couldn’t attend or might want a 5×7 frameable keepsake of her graduation.

Ain’t they purty?

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