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Posted: September 24, 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

…. or FROM me!

I read on a forum this morning that Blogger is doing a clean sweep of the splogs, or blogs that are nothing more than link farms. You know the ones – absolutely zero real content that a person can throw up in minutes, several of them running  at one time as a matter of fact. These people also set it up with postdated entries so that something new shows up every day in an attempt to get crawled by robots and place higher in the google search engine. I’ve submitted a few of my products to these people, with the required keyword rich descriptions that robots and indexes LOVE.

I’ve been submitting far less often these days, now that I realize I was probably only building the blog owner’s business and stuffing their pocketbooks instead of my own. Providing specific search terms somewhere on a blog probably brings the people there, but the chances of them actually finding and buying MY product while there is slim to none. My hunch is that they get distracted by the dozens of links to the  blog owners stores instead where they’ll earn the referral and commissions on sales. …. and the lowly submitters thank these people for the “opportunity” !!! Thanks sploggers for letting me earn you some money. *rolls eyes*

Was that a rant? Sorry… ok back to blogs and such.

In reviewing my earlier posts I am afraid my little corner of the blogosphere may get lumped into that category, thanks to the very easy to use email feature where I can type in a few keystrokes and have a product image, short description  and link show up here. I admit to using that a little too often once I discovered the speed of the whole process as compared to typing out lengthy posts and posting images.

Since the Redneck Hillbillies are MORE than just a spam blog, I sincerely hope I have enough real content here to keep the fingers off the delete button, and links to youtube videos and non commercial photos I’ve taken that don’t all point to my storefront.

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