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Kidlet played me a new song this morning  – Boys ‘Round Here by Blake Shelton.

I love it.

I’ve had that shit on repeat aaaaallllllll day so far.


And, since I had  rednecks, backwoods, honky tonks and boot stomps on the brain, I figured I oughtta pump out a new design. There’s a t-shirt sale on today too for 50% off so I might just have to buy myself a new tank or tee.  Here it is on a rednecky sleeveless muscle shirt. It don’t get more redneck than that, y’all.



and here’s a ladies tank top. I’m not quite sure if I like it better on white or black. I might have to get one of each. You too, naturally.

Red Red Redneck Girl T-shirts
Red Red Redneck Girl T-shirts by RedneckHillbillies
Check out other Redneck T-Shirts at

or maybe a hat, or travel coffee mug, or bumper sticker. You might as well just red red red red redneck out.  Go big or go home, right?


Flippin Over Flip Flops

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I don’t wear flip flops myself, (I prefer crocs) but my teen daughter has numerous pairs in a rainbow of colors and patterns and styles for her feet.  She’s a flipflop fanatic.

So you can imagine how excited I was that Zazzle introduced customizeable flip flops!  They’re a little steep for me because I’m cheaper than cheep, and haven’t bought myself a pair of footwear in about five or six years, but there are frequent sales for people like kidlet that have large collections of shoes… flippy floppies in particular.

Here are a few designs I’ve been working on whenever I am able. I’ve even sold my first pair already so there are others out there that wear these thongs (that’s what we called them when I was growing up!) to the pool or beach!

First, the redneck ones. Of course. Would you expect anything different? Rebel flag flip flops, duct tape flip flops, and camouflage flip flops.

Funny Duct Tape Personalized Sandals Rusted Grunge Rebel Redneck Flag Flip-Flops Funny Camo Pattern Sandals

and then a few others I whipped up this morning while I wasted my day away clicking instead of mowing the damn lawn like I oughtta.
Chevron patterns in bright colors are quite popular, so I made one even though I don’t quite understand WHY. Then a couple more country style flip flop designs that you can personalize with a monogram. Which one do you like better? The red bandanna paisley pattern or the ripped and shredded denim?

Mod Chevron Zig Zag Lime and Blue Flip-Flops Cute Western Girl Country Paisley Monogram Flip Flops White Trash Ripped Denim Flip Flops

Chicken Pictures!

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I took a couple quick snapshots last week of a few birds and my two boys (cows…actually steers if you want to be technical). I finally got around to editing them so I figured I should share them with all of y’all.

This is Bella, aka Goldie – a regular run of the mill, small sized hatchery bird with a bad attitude. She’s a great layer though so we’ll keep her.


And then here’s one of our first incubator hatch, a young cockerel (boy) chicken who is not quite 16 weeks old but much larger than Bella already. He’s the biggest of the four males, with the largest, reddest comb and wattles, the stockiest legs, and the first Buff to crow so obviously the dominant bird from that hatch and we’ll be keeping him.








And a few more photos of chickens. These may not post in the order listed but you’ll figure it out I’m sure.

1.a few of the 24 Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) hatch. Light sussex, ameracauna/EEs and turken naked neck X’s.

2:One of the original freebie 4 hatchery hens sunning and dusting herself, a rhode island red perhaps or some kind of red sex link.

3.Kellogg, my welsummer roo first hatch feb 21st. First to crow and very handsome. He’s sitting with a pretty girl buff orpington.

4: Sweetheart – my absolute favorite bird from my first hatch on feb 21. The only one to hatch from 6 blue “ameracauna” eggs. She’s super smart and often comes for petting.







I pin therefore I am

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Everyone has pinterest. ‘cept me. Well, until now.

I have my own little spot and a few boards started on Pinterest just because everyone and probably their dog is pinterest-crazy lately and I feel like I’m missing the train. Or is it a boat? I dunno, whatever it was I missed it.

Rednecks, Chickens, Squatches and funny/quirky stuff so far. Check me out and follow or whatever it is pinning people do… I’m quirkysue.

Lost My Mojo

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Recent volume bonus changes on my favorite POD Zazzle have sucked the wind right out of my sails. I’m trying to stay positive and find the gumption to just suck it up buttercup but …. bleh. No warning. No real explanation. Just GONE, as of the end of this month. It’s just been taken away and all the tears, whining, anger, and begging on the forum is not going to bring it back. WAH. SOB. (*insert disgusting snot sniffle noises here)

I’ve got the day at home to putter on the computer zazzling all day if I want to and I just can’t get down to business and have been aimlessly clicking hither and thither instead. Gone is the reward (both financial and emotional) of hitting vb2, vb3, and on a good month, vb4. I stand to lose a good $500/mo in lost bonus money and that hurts. Top that off with training my replacement at my p/t REAL job and I’m possibly left several hundred short. OUCH.

The shiny new silver proseller tee shirt that arrived yesterday with impeccably well planned timing boosted my spirits slightly but I’m still floundering.

So what else can a person do but wonder. My new software (PSE 11) arrived a couple days ago, perhaps I could tinker with that. Or I could give Pinterest another try since apparently affiliates are more valuable and appreciated than designers and will earn volume bonus on referred merch. Pinning has worked well for many, even if I can’t for the life of me understand why.

Or I can just keep on keepin’ on like I have been, adding new products and hoping they root somewhere since I am by no means a web savvy internet marketing genuis.

Here’s a couple things I’ve been working on lately from a few of my stores. Buy sumthin’… i need the $$ ;p

Redneck Hillbillies
Grunge Redneck Rebel Flag Coming out iPad Mini Cases Mug of Beautiful Beer with Starburst Wallclocks Redneck Girl Little Redneck Baby Pacifiers Happy Happy Happy Redneck Birthday Y'all Invitations

Country Corner
Rusty Beater Vintage Farm Truck in Grass Postage Stamps Young Welsummer Rooster Chicken Post Cards 52 Primer Vintage Pickup Truck Party for Old Guy Invitations Farmer Hugging Chicken Painted Style Christmas Ornaments

Party Hearty
Cute BW Polkadotswith Girly Hot Pink Monogram iPhone 5 Cover Bold Mod Black Chevron Blue Monogram Personalized iPhone 4/4S Cover Mod Hot PINK Poster Style Sweet 16 Party Invitations Mod Faux Pink Glitter Zebra 3 Photo Graduation Personalized Announcement

Netspeak & Retrozone

Funny BBQ Guy It's a FIRE! Aprons Cute Pink Blue Ain't Nobody got Time for that Water Bottle ROYGBIV Grunge Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Notebook Bold DANCE Studio Black and White Business Cards

My Prize Came!

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I participated in an Easter Hatch-a-long on my favorite chicken forum…  just before easter, naturally.

There were a number of contests for participants, although only one or two for non-US members due to shipping regulations and the like. Many of the prizes were fertile hatching eggs which cannot be shipped across the Canadian border.


I won TWO prizes.


This book…. for a random post number














and this awesome ecoglow20 brooder by Brinsea for my “cutest baby fowl photo”.












This was the photo that won:










this little cutie pie has grown into a big ol’ rooster… but he’s earned a spot on our little hobby farm for winning me a prize.

My Sweet Baby, Red.

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Last friday,  Bubba and I watched with tears running down our faces as our veterinarian administered a lethal dose of unknown chemicals to euthanize our beloved dog, Red.  We buried her in the backyard the next evening as the sun dropped below the mountain tops. I have been a mess ever since. She was not just a dog. She was literally a best friend. She got up with us every morning, her little claws tick-tick-ticking on the wood floor in a prance. She stood watch all day either on the driveway, the front porch steps, or watching through the livingroom window on the back of the couch. She was the first out the door the minute we turned the key to greet us, and settled down into bed at the end of the day in the little bed we bought her the day we brought her home.

I found her… or she found me…. through Petfinder. I was absent mindedly looking for Brittany Spaniels and came across her picture. She is not anything even remotely like a Brittany Spaniel, but I knew when I saw her that she was the one I wanted.











She was a stray, in  an animal shelter in TEXAS of all places. We’re in British Columbia, Canada…. so it wasn’t as if it was just a hop, skip and a jump away.

But I wanted her.

So we inquired about her, and with a little bit of paperwork and $$$, she was on a plane to us.
She was so small, and mangy, and scared… but by the time we got back home with her new bed she knew she was ours.











We picked her up on Rememberance Day, and in all of our first photos of her we are wearing poppies.











She rode in the back seat with our youngest daughter who was just six at the time.










She LOVED to splash along the water’s edge, fetching sticks. She didn’t swim, and didn’t really bring them back very well, but she had so much fun pretending.

cultis and river 008










I wish we would have taken her one last time. I wish I had taken more photos of her. I wish… I wish…. I wish.


Fast forward through twelve years of amazing memories and we were looking into the tired, pained eyes of a dog who had given her whole life and was suffering terribly from kidney failure and uremia.  We all broke down when the vet suggested euthanasia as the only possible solution.

We were devastated. This was our BABY. She had been a part of every single happy memory we’d had as a family for over a decade.  We spent every last moment that last day snuggling her, pettting her, smelling her soft fur as we bathed her in tears and whispered how much we loved her.

She didn’t flinch when the doctor gently shaved her leg and inserted the needle… and then in an instant she was gone.



Rest in Peace, Sweet baby Red. I will ALWAYS love you.

Veterinarian Thank You for Rainbow Bridge Pets. Card
Veterinarian Thank You for Rainbow Bridge Pets. Card by CountryCorner
Browse more Veterinarian Cards

My Freezer Garden

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This post was inspired by a gardening thread where many talented green thumbs posted photos of beautifully designed, picture perfect gardens.

Mine is not one of those. Not even remotely.

It ain’t pretty, but every year it produces enough food to feed a family of four all summer long and fill our deep freezers up with home grown veggies. Each year is a little different when the previous year’s successes and failures change which crops I choose to plant. I loved growing potatoes but they are cheaper to buy and took up too much room. The broccoli and brussel sprouts ended up being ravaged by aphids and since I don’t spray with chemical poison they weren’t worth the battle.  I might move stuff around with the layout from year to year although the corn is always on one side to block out the messy neighbor. It’s mostly freezer friendly produce (sweet corn and green/yellow beans) with some zuchinni for bread, hot peppers, greens and cucumbers.

Here is a photo I dug up from facebook from last year.











By the end of summer it’s completely overgrown with weeds and looking pretty ragged, but the food is mighty tasty. We also raise two beef steers each year that are “processed” at about one year of age to avoid overwintering and give us delicious grass fed baby beef. This year we added chickens, which if you’ve read any of my other posts you already know is my latest obsession. We planted ten fruit trees last year (plum, pear and cherry) but they aren’t producing just yet. This year we hope to add a greenhouse so I can try to grow cherry tomatoes again since if we have a wet summer they do so poorly out in the garden.

I also made a few gardening type videos for youtube because like everything else I have to take everything WAY too far ;p Here are a couple of them if you are interested in a walk thru.













I do some canning (jam, hot pickled beans) some dehydrating (beef jerky, hot peppers) some baking (zuchinni or pumpkin bread!) and the rest is blanched and frozen in meal sized ziplocs.



















These were grown from a hybrid pumpkin that seeded itself in the garden. It produced 18 pumpkin/squash things. Some were  pumpkin like  others were more like spagetti squash or zuchinni. We were so impressed by the vigor of the vines that we loaded them all up onto the back porch and had to take a photo!  I have tried three more times to grow pumpkins and failed miserably so this photo is proof that it IS possible.

It’s still too cold, wet and miserable outside most days here so I haven’t yet begun this year’s garden. I have started an indoor garden though, for my chickens! This is soaked wheat berries. A big 50lb bag costs me about twelve dollars and produces pounds and pounds of wheatgrass and sprouted grain for my chickens. They LOVE it. I also sprout lentils and other hard beans for them to eat.





Chickens Chickens Chickens!

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I am going to have chickens coming out the wazoo.

There are now 11 big girls, 11 chicks, and 36 eggs in the incubator due to hatch in two weeks. Now I am scrambling to find places to stick ’em all.


I scored on facebook the other day and got myself a free plastic kiddie pool to use as a brooder for the first batch of chicks which are growing at an alarming rate.

They seem to like their new digs. They have more room to flap their wings and chest bump, and get the sawdust flyin’.

They outgrew this large rubbermaid in three weeks.

The dog has a better view of them too from almost all the way around the pool. She loves that, the birds… not as much.


I also scored on craigslist and found this enormous (HEAVY) wall unit entertainment center that I will turn into a brooder before batch #2 hatches the day before Easter. It has quite a bit of solid wood and I’m thinking of painting it barn red on the outside and white inside to make it easier to clean and stop the poops from soaking into the plywood. That should make it smell better and last longer.


Redneck as Heck

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This latest design was inspired by a new twitter follower. Thanks, y’all.

Redneck As Heck Ain't No Shame in My Game

Redneck As Heck Ain't No Shame in My Game Redneck As Heck Ain't No Shame in My Game Redneck As Heck Ain't No Shame in My Game

I also bought a large graphic of the tractor sign usually posted in rural agricultural areas near major driving routes to warn of farm activity. Yeah, I could have just taken a picture of one since they are everywhere around these parts, and played with it for a while on the ol’ computer but this was faster and probably turned out better.

Funny Farm Tractor Road Sign Warning Shirts

Then I made a grunge black only version since folks seem to like that kind of thing

Personalized Farm Tractor This is How I ROLL

and whipped up some pro farm bumper stickers while I was in the mooooooood for that.

Slow Tractor Funny Farmer Chugga Luggin Slow Tractor Funny Farmer Chugga Luggin

My Other Ride is a TRACTOR Support Local Farmers Farms=Food Respect and Support Farmers

and then made a bunch more tractor products because… why not?

Tractor with Heart Love the Country Key Chain Little Farmer Baby Cute Tractor with Heart Baby Pacifiers

and a pin you can put on crooked ON PURPOSE to make a real diamond shaped warning sign. Pretty nifty, eh?

Man on Tractor Sign Display Diagonally Pin