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These are our most viewed, most popular, highest rated videos on youtube.

We don’t have any squealing tire burnouts (yet) dumbass rednecks getting hurt (yet) or any drunken hillbilly acting like an idiot (yet!) We’re trying. Well, not that hard, to be honest, since neither of us want to get hurt or act like an idiot, and burnouts just waste tire rubber and that ain’t responsible….. but until we do upload a video meeting those requirements you can watch some gardenin’ and tinkerin’ and fishin’ and wrenchin’.

Ok so I’ve TRIED and TRIED to put a little video bar thingymajiggy in here showing four of our videos and it’s still not working. It’ll take me longer than most to figure out WordPress, I’m sure. So a simple link to our channel page will have to do I suppose

Redneck Hillbillies Youtube Channel

This is our most popular video.

Something completely different which is our #2 most popular:

and our very first video, full of redneck music (flagged for copyright violation, darn!) But we didn’t know any better at the time. It still holds the highest number of views but has dropped to number 3 or 4 in terms of popularity. More than likely because of the “It’s alright to be a Redneck” music which was claimed. Darnitall anyways!

  1. Karen says:

    Loved the tractor videos. We have a ’63 4000 industrial in great shape. People make their comments but old yeller she does her job just fine up here in Pa. on our acres. Yes there are rednecks up north too. Love your merchandise and web site. Keep up the good work. Actually seems more like fun than work. Karen and Bryan Emerich

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