Still Redneckin’ Out, Y’all

Posted: August 10, 2012 by admin in Buy My CRAP
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I learned today that it costs $75 to post a text ad on the bloggess’ blog. Holy Moly man, You can post a text ad on my blog for a buck or two! Since she apparently does not accept anything but real money as payment, and I just don’t have that kind of dough burning a hole in my pocket at the mo’ I’ll just have to keep posting my schnazzy product photos and text links here where absolutely nobody sees them. Except YOU. Thanks for comin’!

I’ve been MIA for two months around these parts so I figured I would update all of y’all with pretty pictures of some of the things I’ve been workin’ on lately. I know you’re all just DYING to see.

Dirty Redneck Grunge Confederate Rebel Flag MERICA. Southern Confederate Flag Lettering

These are the New VIBE cases for the iphone 4/4s that lets you live out loud! It’s a two-piece, customizable, protective case that stands up on it’s own and redirects your speaker for an increased sound projection. Rock on, Rednecks.

Throwin’ a party? Of course you are. Here are some new invitations I whipped up for just that!

Funny Booze Cup Let's Have a Party Announcements Funny Southern Country Style Party Get Together Personalized Announcements Funny Bonfire & Beer BQ Barbecue Engagement Party Custom Invitation

And of course some redneck wear…

You can be my Redneck Romeo Tank Bless Your Heart - Southern Saying Shirts Keep Calm and PARTY On. Shirts

and some more new products! Custom Playing Cards, Luggage Tags & Coaster Sets! Pretty nifty!

Rebel Confederate Flag Card Decks Funny Redneck Rebel Flag Luggage Tag Cool Story Bro. Now Shut Up & DRINK Drink Coasters

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