‘Sup? Rednecks!

Posted: November 2, 2012 by admin in A Day in the Life of a REDNECK, Buy My CRAP
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So much has happened the last few weeks that I don’t know where to start!

We got chickens! So I made a video! We Play With Chickens

We have twelve of the little fluffy buggers now and they just eat, eat, eat and haven’t laid a single freakin’ egg. Freeloaders! They are my chicken babies though so I’m officially the crazy chicken lady and I tweet about them often – @RNHillbillies

Here’s one of the nasty red hens all dressed up for the holidays. There just happens to be a 50% off sale on cards right now too if you use the code CHEERSAVINGS at checkout.

Christmas Holiday Chicken in Santa Hat Cards Merry Christmas Winter Snowflake Santa Chicken




The Fifty-Two

We bought a sweet 52 GMC project truck that’ll be rednecked out soon enough.

No, that doesn’t mean being put on blocks in the front yard although it WILL be a yard ornament until Bubba can get around to it. I’m thinking a custom RHB chrome emblem on the front. Too much? Kinda tacky? Perfect.

We bought it, loaded it and hauled it home during a freak rainstorm. (of course) so at least she got a good washing. We did too.




More New products!  There are a whole bunch of neat new gadgets and products to work with on my online home away from home, Zazzle.

My favorites are the iphone 5 cases.

Grunge Redneck Rebel Confederate Flag iPhone 5 Cover USA Flag - Old Glory American Pride iPhone 5 Covers Duct Tape Love iPhone 5 Cases

I’ve gotta run now so… nice talkin’ to you again. Keep in touch! Oh, and one more thing…

Famous Last Words - Hold My Beer... T-shirt

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