My Zazzle Addiction

Posted: January 18, 2013 by admin in Buy My CRAP

I am totally, completely, one hundred and ten percent addicted to my online home away from home: Zazzle.

Non-zazzle peeps will not understand this obsession. Heck, non obsessive people period won’t. I tend to focus on one or two areas of interest for long periods of time. I have the attention span of a gnat for everything else, but between creating products and zipping in and out of the forums or around related sites I can have adhd type tendencies AND OCD traits AT THE SAME TIME.


There’s probably not a drug for that. And if there was, I wouldn’t take it.

Here are a few products I’ve been working on lately. Mostly in my PartyHearty shop because it’s fun and a little bit girly. Two things I am NOT.

I bought some blue ribbon graphics and made some products using them, and some I changed to red. I might change the color a few times for some variety if I can stay on task long enough. I also bought some damask floral type scrapbook paper in dark gray. I’ll find some more uses for that down the road.

Cute Groom and Bride Mannequin Save the Date Announcement Modern Save the Date Bridal Couple Icons Invites Personalized Black and Red Ladies Bookplate

Aqua Blue Ribbon Personalized Girly Tag Tag For Bags Black and White Polkadot with Aqua Monogram Ribbon iPad Mini Cases Modern Teen Sweet 16th Birthday Aqua Ribbons Personalized Announcements

Sweet Sixteen Modern BW Photo Aqua Ribbons Announcement Damask Save the Date Silver Grey with Photo Personalized Invitations Sweet Sixteen Elegant Damask Teen Birthday Party Card

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